School location and Accommodation

The School will take place in "Palazzo Marchetti" (Via Conti 28, Malfa, Salina Island).

If you do not intend to join the transfers organized by the School, please refer to information below to travel from Catania to Salina. Once in Salina, you might want to get the public bus from SM Salina to Malfa (available only for arrivals before 7pm) or book a taxi (about 20€) in advance. In any case, please contact salina servizi turistici for local support and to know the exact location of your accommodation.

The fastest way to reach Salina is to:

1. fly to the international airport in Catania or Palermo
2. move by bus from Catania (or Palermo) to Milazzo (public transport available, see below)
3. move by hydrofoil/ship from Milazzo to Salina (public transport available, see below)

Directions to get to Milazzo from Palermo - Directions to get to Milazzo from Catania

Transport organized by the School

We do not manage personal trips, hotel booking out of Salina and we can not refund them.

The best and cheapest strategy is to exploit the free transfers from Catania airport to Salina and from Salina to Catania airport organized by the School, and included in the fee. If you prefer, you can also join us in Milazzo, where we will take the hydrofoil/ship. Further details about timetable and meeting points will be provided by email.

To schedule your flights, please consider that our departure from Salina will not be later than 7.30am: this is to allow you to reach the Catania airport at 12am at most (accounting for possible traffic congestion). Please, DO NOT schedule flights before 13:30h on the departure day: it could not be safe enough, overall if you have to take international/intercontinental flights. If for some reason you can not book a flight after 13:30h, than you might want to consider the possibility to depart from Salina on your own (see the travel information in the Website) the day before, book an Hotel close to the airport and the day after get a bus to reach the airport.

Map of the meeting pointing


Hydrofoil Liberty Lines:

If you can not take advantage of the organized transport, below you can find information about hotels in Catania and Milazzo. Please, consider that we are not managing alternative journeys. We warmly recommend that before 25 June 2022 you stay in Milazzo, close to the port where you should easily take the hydrofoil, while after the end of the School we recommend to stay in Catania, close to the airport.

Hotels Milazzo - Hotels Catania

if you will not join the transfers organized by the School, here you will find some useful information for your journey from Catania to Milazzo (bus) and Milazzo to Salina (hydrofoil).

Note that this is not a public service and it costs a bit more than public one. However, this is also the fastest and simplest way: they will pick you up in Catania and can manage also to buy your hydrofoil ticket.

Another alternative might be to take one almost-hourly bus from Catania to Messina and there, take the daily hydrofoil departing at 2pm, every day. The distance between Messina station and the hydrofoil point is within walking distance.

For those of you who like to drive, an alternative could be to rent a car, reach Milazzo Harbour and there take the hydrofoil (you can buy the ticket there, but we recommend to buy it in advance: look the website for further detail).

Car renting:,+Sicily

In any case, remember that your destination is S.M. Salina. Once there, you will need to pick the local minibus (ticket is just 1€ or 2€) to move to Malfa (5 min journey), the village where the School will take place and you will find your house.